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This category tells you about different produce and product which comes under agriculture with different prospect with people ,farmer and student looking for some information. also different cultivation of crops including horticultural, medicinal and cash crops.

Hydroponic System

Hydroponic System

Hydroponic System :Hydroponics is agriculture`s first actual competitor. It can out-yield soil manufacturing in some plants. And it may produce plants in areas of top weather in which loss of fertile soil or ok water prevents the exercise of agriculture. Growing plant life without soil needs a plant boom-choice of the right varieties. The conduct …

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Hydrogel For Dry Spell Impacted Regions

Hydrogel For Dry Spell Impacted Regions: Water scarcity is a tough difficulty in India. Because of a dry spell in many portions of the kingdom including Marathwada, Bundelkhand, and Rajasthan, vegetation annihilates consistently. There is likewise trouble in savoring water in many spots. In general, the circumstance is demonstrating that in the drawing near times, …

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Nursery Management

Nursery Management Of Vegetable

Nursery Management Of Vegetable : The profitable cultivation of greens ordinarily relies upon the seeds and the seedlings organized from it. By the usage of wholesome and right seeds, farmers can get ailment-free and required volume of seedlings. Commercially produced greens need to be of healthy, pure, and elevated quality. Buy it solely from the …

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How Is Honey Made ?

How Is Honey Made

How Is Honey Made ? Introduction : It is tasty and nutritious; there’s not even a shadow of a doubt! The part that makes it truly falter is how it’s made. A considerable lot of us underestimate it. We can genuinely go to the keep and select luscious close-by it to appreciate. We currently never …

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Mushroom Farming In India

Mushroom Farming In India

Mushroom Farming In India: In edible mushrooms, production has increased 30 times during the last 35 years. The reason for this growth is to upgrade farming techniques. Genetically improved varieties, increasing interest in mushroom production, health promotion, and processing. In the early 20th century, success achieves in making pure cultures. It is from the tissue …

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Rose Cultivation

rose cultivation

Rose Cultivation  The Rose has an important place in the flower world. It is also called the king of flowers. Demand for rose flowers, all over the world including in India is growing at an annual rate of 12-13 percent. Rose cultivation for consumption in the country and export abroad are both important.  Roses are …

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Best Product From Mushroom

mushroom product and produces

Best Product from Mushroom Mushroom have very important nutrients , including potassium, niacin ,selenium ,riboflavin ,vitamin-D, proteins , and fiver. This are very needful and important for our health. All together with a long history as food source mushrooms are important for their healing capacities and properties in traditional medicine. Here we can make different …

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