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Paddy Thresher

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Paddle and Solar powered (dual power) paddy thresher
Paddle and Solar Powered (dual power) Paddy Thresher

Paddle and Solar powered (dual power) paddy thresher develop for small farms. Its peak is 750 mm. from 1267 mm Can adjust in accordance with the exceptional wants of guys and women. The pedals can adjust in accordance with the top of their foot. Its effectiveness evaluate by going for walks with this paddy thresher in the field.

Thresher Specification:

The threshing efficiency of paddy on threshing at 31.03% moisture find to be 99.58 percent and 98.54 percent with solar and paddle respectively. The threshing rate per hour is 231.67 kg/h and 66.63 kg/h in solar and pedal respectively. was found. It observed that the solar mode threshing rate is 3.47 times higher than the paddle mode, which is sufficient for small farms.

This thresher will be very useful for small farmers in rural areas where there is no electricity or its supply is irregular. Due to its small weight, it will also be very useful for the farmers in hilly areas to carry it easily from one place to another.

Why We Need This?

The whole rice production reached around 495.9 million metric tonnes in the 12 months 2018-19. Out of this, India has produced an equal 112.91 million metric tons. India is additionally the 2d greatest producer and purchaser of paddy after China. Threshing performs a very necessary function in its cultivation after sowing and harvesting. A Thresher desktop uses to separate the grain from the harvested crop.

The grains clean separately without loss or damage. This does by the farmers themselves as well as with some thresher machines. The practice of threshing manually by farmers in rural India is prevalent, but it is time-consuming and energy-consuming. If this is not done properly, it often breaks the grain as well.

Now due to the shortage of agricultural labor and increase in labor fees, it is not widely prevalent and relevant. Hence, a wired paddy thresher requires. This reduces the overall time as well as reduces grain breakage with less power required. This thresher operates by hand and with the machine and is also operated by means of electricity.
paddle paddy thresher

About 82 percent of the farmers in India are small and marginal. These are very expensive in many rural areas due to unavailable grid-connected • supply of electricity and other non-renewable • sources of energy.

These are inaccessible to hilly areas. Due to their tough design coupled with heavy weight, they are not easy to move from one place to another on regular basis and require maintenance. Therefore, small and marginal farmers require simple thresher designs as well as low-cost machines to reach the field. Solar energy is an easily available free source of energy in India. This option is good for the use of a photovoltaic (PVC) system for threshing.

Sometimes solar energy is not available due to changes in weather conditions. In this situation, an additional paddle unit requires to operate the thresher. Keeping in view the above points. Paddle, as well as a solar-powered paddy thresher, designs and developed for small farms.

Thresher performance assessment as per the Bureau of Indian Standards (IS: 6284-1985). Evaluation of the performance of paddle-operated paddy thresher in the field. The optimum speed of threshing dum achieves from 260 to 300 rpm (rot/h) during the threshing operation. Paddy threshed at a moisture content of 31.03 percent.

The threshing rate calculates to know the efficiency of the thresher during the performance of both paddle and solar modes of paddy thresher. Threshing rate determined on the basis of paddy holding capacity for loading per unit time worked out.

It’s observed that the threshing rate for both modes of operation has increased with an increase in the capacity of the paddy. It was also found that all the paddy holding capacity is 0.5 kg. to 1 kg The threshing rate was highest for the solar medium and the lowest for the paddle medium.

The performance of both paddle and solar mode of paddy thresher evaluate on the basis of machine parameters (e.g. threshing efficiency). Three levels of load conditions viz. 0.5, 0.75, and 1 kg are use for evaluation of the thresher based on paddy holding capacity for feeding is considering.

Its seen from the data that threshing efficiency decreased in both modes with an increase in paddy holding capacity. It was also finds from the data that all the paddy holding capacity is 0.5 kg. to 1 kg up to. Threshing efficiency finds to be lowest for pedal and highest for solar mode.

Solar-powered thresher

Appropriate results show that the threshing speed decreases with an increase in feed rate over time and the threshing efficiency of the thresher finds to be up to 98 percent. Broken grains were not finds during threshing. Apart from this, only 1.8 to 1.9 of unthreshed grain finds.

Specification On The Basis Of Ergonomic:

Components of paddy thresher designed as per Bureau of Indian Standards (IS: 3327-1982):

Specification of the diameter of thresher drum, length of stripping drum, number of strips, tip height, and loop spacing in threshing drum parameter 400 mm respectively ., 500 mm, 12, 50 mm, and 40 mm taken as. Developed Thresher 750 mm from 1267 mm Can adjust the height for operation by male and female. The pedals can also adjust according to the step height of the user.

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