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Enhance your skills with Learninghubs

EdTech platform learninghubs does not provide the usual courses; rather, it provides skill-based courses that sharpen a person’s entrepreneurial skills and help future businessmen find the right path for themselves. Today in this casestudy we will discuss about how you can Enhance your skills with Learninghubs What is learninghubs? Learninghubs is a e-learning platform which

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Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak Case Study

Digital Deepak Case Study : Deepak is a passionate digital marketer. (And he is a biker boy too!). Deepak has been in the digital advertising enterprise due to the fact 2008. He writes about digital advertising on his blog. He is additionally a columnist at and YourStory. His first startup was once an online

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Paddy Thresher

Paddle and Solar powered (dual power) paddy thresher

Paddle and Solar powered (dual power) paddy thresher develop for small farms. Its peak is 750 mm. from 1267 mm Can adjust in accordance with the exceptional wants of guys and women. The pedals can adjust in accordance with the top of their foot. Its effectiveness evaluate by going for walks with this paddy thresher

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Organic Waste Management

Organic Waste Management

Organic Waste Management :“Nowadays our farmers are facing problems like diminishing soil fertility, poor health, crop pests, weeds, and unsatisfactory product quality. These are creating obstacles to the economic prosperity of the farmer. Various types of decomposed or decomposed manures, excessive chemical fertilizers, and Indiscriminate use of pesticides are adversely affecting the soil quality. Therefore,

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Mamaearth Case Study

MamaEarth Case Study : Mamaearth is a producer and retailer of cosmetics and infant care objects for children and girls. When it goes to the restorative business, clients are continuously involved in the cycle thru which the merchandise fabricate. This is the motive we at present see a tremendous buzz about herbal items, everyday hair

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Beekeepers - Beekeeping For Self-Sufficient

Beekeepers – Beekeeping For Self-Sufficient : Employment can create in rural areas via creating beekeeping as a provider region in agriculture. Its in line with developed nations in the future. Honey and different merchandise like royal jelly, beeswax, etc. produced via beekeeping have plausible price addition at the village level. Given this, there is a

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Amla Products

Amla Products

Grading for Amla Products : Amla Products :Gooseberry fruits can divide into three categories on the basis of their size, weight, color, and ripening time. Large-sized fruits (diameter more than 4 cm) use for making marmalade. Medium-sized fruits use for making other preservatives and small-sized fruits use for making medicinal products like Chyawanprash, Triphala, etc.

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Orchard Farming

Orchard Farming

What is Orchard Farming? Orchard farming which means is the planting of timber and shrubs. You can additionally name orchard farming a fruit garden. The orchard consists of farming fruits and nuts for industrial purposes. Most orchard farming performs with a single range of fruits or nuts. Orchard farming is usually accomplished place water is

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