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Amla Products

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Amla Products
Amla Products

Grading for Amla Products :

Amla Products :Gooseberry fruits can divide into three categories on the basis of their size, weight, color, and ripening time. Large-sized fruits (diameter more than 4 cm) use for making marmalade.

Medium-sized fruits use for making other preservatives and small-sized fruits use for making medicinal products like Chyawanprash, Triphala, etc.


Due to improper handling and packing of gooseberry fruits, there is a loss of up to 20 percent. Therefore, utmost care requires while boxing gooseberry. Key sacks and baskets made of tur stems are often used for packing gooseberry.


Amla fruits are not suitable for immediate use due to their acidic and astringent nature. Hence the fruit product can use after processing.


Amla Juice:

After extracting the juice by pressing small pieces of gooseberry by a filter press, it sterilizes by heating it to 780 Brix. Fill the finished juice into sterilized glass bottles. The juice prepared in this way is 500 ppm. Preserved by adding sulfur dioxide or one gram of potassium metabisulfite per liter.

Amla Squash:

Squash, made from the juice or pulp, has 50. For this, 35 to 40 percent juice percent sugar, 1.1 percent citric acid, and 350 ppm. Sulfur dioxide (750 ml/kg) add, heated on low flame, and stored in cleaned sterilized bottles. To use, one part squash should mix with three parts water.

Boiling Gooseberry Slices In Sugar Solution:

This is a new product. In this, the nutritional properties present in amla preserve in large quantities, which destroy during the complex process of making marmalade. Fruits keep in water for 6-8 minutes. Then after cooling, separate the slices.

After this, these slices keep in the solutions of different concentrations (50, 60, and 700 Brix) of sugar-containing 0.5% sourness for one hour respectively. Finally, add extra sugar to the sugar solution and boil it until it concentrates to 700 Brix.

Now mix these slits in this solution and close them in a clean jar.

Amla Powder:

The fruit separated from the gooseberry fruit cuts into small pieces and dried for 8-10 hours in an electrically operated machine at 60 °C. After this, make powder by grinding these.

To make gooseberry powder, 8 grams of common salt, 16 grams of black salt, 2 grams of sugar, 3 grams of citric acid, ground black pepper, 1 gram asafoetida, 1 gram ground cumin, 1 gram ground fennel, 1.5 dry ginger and 0.5 If you do not have ajwain by adding grams of carom seeds, 2-5 grams of mint leaves can also mix. The powder is stored in a dry jar in an airtight condition.

Other Uses Of Amla For Amla Products:

Amla is intensely cooling, diuretic and diuretic. If one spoon of amla juice mixed with honey consumes daily, then it can cause many types of disorders such as tuberculosis, asthma, bleeding, scurvy, diabetes, anemia, weakness of memory, cancer, depression and Other brain disorders, influenza, chills, premature aging, hair fall and graying of hair are preventable.

Its often observes that if one teaspoon of fresh gooseberry juice mixed with one cup of bitter gourd juice consumes in the morning for two months, the secretion of natural insulin increases. In this way, it keeps the body healthy by controlling blood sugar in diabetes. Along with this, it gives relief from anemia, general debility, and many other problems.

Amla Candy | Amla Products:

After washing the fruits thoroughly with water, they heat in boiling water for 6-8 minutes. Then after cooling, separate the strands from the fruits. Now, these slices should immerse overnight in the ratio of 600 Brix sugar and 0.7% acidic solution (1-1.5), so that sugar and acid can leak into the slices by the osmotic method. On the second day, by removing the slices from the solution, and adding more sugar to the solution, its concentration makes up to 700 Brix.

Now soak the pieces again overnight. The next day, the pieces remove from the sugar solution and washed in lukewarm water, so that the sugar on the surface of the slices dissolves. The slices are then dried by placing them in an electrically operated dehydrator at 60 °C for 8-10 hours. The water content in these dry clefts should be up to 10 percent. The slices thus prepared call candy. Now store them by filling them in polythene bags and jars.


Amla Murabba | Amla Products:

Murabba is a major product among the value-added products of amla available in the market. There are many ways to make it. Traditionally, for making marmalade, the pulped gooseberry fruits keep in 2-8 percent salt solution or lime water for 1-1 day respectively. This removes the astringency of the fruits.

After this, wash the fruits thoroughly and mix the same amount of sugar and keep it for a night. On the second day, the sugar solution mix with 700 Brix tss. After concentrating, dip the fruits in it. Repeat this process 3 to 5 times. Finally, the finished marmalade cans in clean jars with a sugar solution of 700-720 Brix.

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