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Best Product From Mushroom

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mushroom product and produces

Best Product from Mushroom

Mushroom have very important nutrients , including potassium, niacin ,selenium ,riboflavin ,vitamin-D, proteins , and fiver. This are very needful and important for our health. All together with a long history as food source mushrooms are important for their healing capacities and properties in traditional medicine. Here we can make different best product from mushroom and can include in our daily diet.

Before getting best produce and best product from mushroom lets see how we can reduce post-harvest losses in mushroom –
  • Harvest the mushroom only after proper growth of the fruit. The cap size of button mushroom is 2.5-3.0 cm. from 4.0-4.5 cm Harvest when Small size will not give proper yield and large size will not give proper price due to opening of the fruit.
  • Take care not to sprinkle water before harvesting. Doing this will increase the risk of mushroom spoilage due to excess water in the fruit.

  • At the time of harvesting, with the help of the thumb and finger, the fruits brake by rotating, and by applying minimum pressure, the mushroom saves from getting injured.

  • Use crates or baskets for harvesting. Cut off the soiled roots with a sharp knife.

  • Avoid washing mushrooms as much as possible. If washing is to do, then add 0.05 percent potassium metabisulfite to the water and remove it after a few seconds.

  • Remove the fruit from the water and spread it and allow the water to dry up.

  • Do not keep a pile of mushrooms. Store as far as possible in a room whose temperature is below 10 °C. For this, the temperature can reduce by sprinkling water in the room, and running a fan or a water cooler can use.

  • Mushrooms should sort and grade before packing. The fruit affected by pests and diseases should isolate.

  • Use 100 gauge polythene or polypropylene for packing, which has proper holes so that water does not collect inside.
  • Use a 250-500 grams pack and put it in a big box and send it to the market soon by vehicle.

Best produces and best product from Mushroom

Wholesalers and retailers should keep the packets of mushrooms at a low temperature so that they can keep fresh for a long time for getting the best produce and best product from mushrooms.

In the event of excessive production and no sale, arrangements should make for drying the mushroom and making it a by-product, so that there is no loss.

The by-products should make in clean condition and should store in a clean and dry place.

  • Mushroom Noodles

Mushroom Noodles is one of the best products from the mushroom.

Mushroom powder (20 percent), wheat flour (40 grams), potato powder (20 grams), and sweet cornflour (20 grams) mix to make mushroom noodles.

Mixed ingredients include 0.2 percent baking powder and 2.0 ml. Refined oil add. After mixing this material well by adding water, it is lefts for 20-30 minutes.

Seviyan machine for kneading dough mixture, whose sieve hole is 3 mm. Seviyan produces by pouring it in. After steaming for 3-4 minutes, they dry well in the sun and keep in sealed containers.

At mealtime, the noodles cook in boiling water containing one teaspoon of oil for 3 minutes.

After cooling, they can use it by mixing them with other vegetables. For cooking, put a tablespoon of oil in a vessel and heat it, onion, seasonal vegetables, salt as per taste, red chili, soy sauce, vinegar, etc mixes.

Boiled noodles mixed and served with tomato sauce in this mixture.

  • Mushroom Pickles

To make mushroom pickle, soak button mushroom in clean water. Washing in 4 plain boiling water containing bisulfite

After that, the small pieces of 0.05% potassium boil for 3 minutes. So that the enzyme present inactivates and the germ gets killed.

After boiling, puts them in boiling water and boil them otherwise, the texture of pickles can spoil due to overcooking. Boil mushrooms adds to 65 percent salt and lefts for a night.

By the next day, the water present in the mushroom comes out due to salt, which separates. ground mustard (35 grams), turmeric powder (20 grams), red chili powder (10 grams), cumin powder (1.5 grams), fennel powder (1.5 grams), carom seeds (10 grams), fennel (10 grams), and mustard oil (150 ml. l.) is mixed well with boiled mushrooms.

When mustard oil heat to bring a good color to the pickle, then Ratanjot peels are also put in it. 750 ppm after mixing all the ingredients. (0.75 g kg) sodium benzoate and (0.5-0.6 percent acetic acid) add. The pickle makes after mixing well sealed in plastic bottles and jars.

This pickle keeps at room temperature for six months. Doesn’t get worse.

  • Mushroom Chips

This is one more best produce and best product  from mushroom which is best for children’s health. you are giving a nutritious chips to your children. this product is not only consumed by children but also many diet and health conscious adult.

lets look how we can make this mushroom product .

  1. Fresh button mushrooms cuts into small pieces (2.5-3.0 mm) after washing, tied in a thin cloth, and boiled in 2% saltwater for 2 minutes.
  2. After cooling, these pieces keep for one night by immersing them in a solution containing 0.1 percent citric acid + 1.5 percent salt + 0.3 percent red chili powder.
  3. The next day water separates and dried in a cabinet dryer or sun. Dry mushrooms fried in refined oil.
  4. Garam masala and other spices can sprinkle according to taste to enhance the taste. The fried chips pack and sealed in polypropylene bags. Mushroom chips should use within 2-3 months or else they may get spoiled due to rancidity.
  • Mushroom Soup

Button or Dhigri mushrooms are washed and cut into pieces and dried in a cabinet dryer and then grinded and stored in high quality polythene bags.
This powder uses in the preparation of mushroom soup, which contains mushroom powder (15 percent), cornflour (5 percent), milk powder (50 percent), refined oil (4 percent), salt (10 percent), cumin powder ( 2 percent), black pepper (2 percent), sugar (10 percent), and monosodium glutamate (2 percent) add.
It cooks in the same amount of water by mixing each of the ingredients. This makes mushroom soup ready.
  • Mushroom Badiya

Generally in North India, Badiyas makes from pulses like urad, soyabean, chana dal, etc. By mixing the mushroom powder with ground pulses, badiyas can make them more tasty and nutritious. Thus one more nutritious mushroom product and produce.

Dried and coarsely ground mushroom powder (10%) is mixed well with urad or chana dal powder (80%), salt (2%), red chilli powder (1%), sodium bicarbonate (0.010%) and water (7%). mixed in kind. 2-4 cm from this material. Round-shaped balls are made, balls are made, which are dried in the sun.

The taste and nutritious elements can be enjoyed by making dry badiyas as a curry vegetable.

Some of the best product from Mushroom here for you –

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