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Dragon Fruit Farming

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Dragon Fruit Farming
Dragon Fruit Farming

Dragon Fruit Farming: Dragon fruit belongs to the cactus species. It eats extensively in Mexico and Central Asia. Its taste is quite sweet like watermelon. They are very attractive to look at. In India, it is also known as Pitaya and Kamalam. This fruit of light red or pink color has spikes coming out from outside, but inside is white pulp. Like watermelon, the color of its seeds is also black. They are so useful for health that they consider superfruits.

For the cultivation of dragon fruit, its seeds must be of good quality. If its plant develops by grafting technique then it will be better, because it takes less time to mature and give fruit. It can be sown anytime between March to July. After planting, the dragon fruit tree becomes ready in about a year and gives fruit from July to October.

Dragon fruit is very famous in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Sri Lanka, etc., but now people like it in India too. Here the price of dragon fruit is 200 to 250 rupees per kg. This fruit also grows very well in those places where there is less rainfall. Dragon fruit uses in jam, ice cream, jelly production, fruit juice, wine, etc. Also, use it in face packs as well.

Dragon Fruit Benefit Is Also Beneficial For Health |Dragon Fruit Farming:

Fruits consider very well for health. Similarly, your health benefits a lot by consuming dragon fruit. It helps control diabetes. It also benefits cholesterol. The amount of fat and protein in dragon fruit is also very high and it also removes arthritis disease. Dragon fruit can also remove diseases related to your heart.

Beta-carotene and lycopene are also found in dragon fruit, rich in vitamin C, iron, fiber, antioxidants, and fibers. Consuming carotenoid-rich food also reduces the risk of cancer and heart diseases. For those who do not find food made from whole grains to be tasty, dragon fruit is also unique, as they are also rich in fiber. They tell to be very beneficial for patients suffering from serious diseases. Dragon fruit strengthens our immunity system and keeps digestion right.

In What Temperature And Rain is Dragon Fruit cultivated?

Its plants require a tropical climate. Due to this, it needs warm weather, and normal rain is also suitable. But the frost that falls in winter damages the plants. Dragon fruit plants require a temperature of 25 degrees in the beginning and 30 to 35 degrees during the formation of fruits on the plants. Its plants can grow properly only at a minimum of 7 degrees and a maximum 40-degree temperature.

What Is The Soil Required For Dragon Fruit?

If you are thinking of cultivating dragon fruit in your field, then your soil should be 5.5 to 7 pH. It can also happen in sandy soil. Good organic matter and sandy soil are best for its cultivation. Although you can cultivate dragon fruit in any area, most of the cultivation do in Maharashtra, some areas of Gujarat, and Rajasthan. At the same time, in states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, a large number of farmers cultivate dragon fruits.

Dragon Fruit Farm Preparation:

Before planting dragon fruit crops in the field, the field has to prepare properly. For this, first, the soil of the field is deeply plowed with turning plows, due to which the remnants of the old crop present in the field destroy. After plowing, plowing the field with water. After this two to three slant plowing of the field do.

Due to this the soil of the field becomes friable. The friable soil level with a pat. The pits prepare for planting the plants in the flat field. These pits prepare in rows, with which each pit keep at a distance of three meters. All these pits should be one and a half feet deep and 4 feet wide in diameter. There should be a distance of four meters between the rows of pits.

After making the pits, the proper amount of fertilizer has to give to the pits, for which natural and chemical fertilizers use. For this, 50 to 70 KG NPK with 10 to 15 KG old cow dung manure. The amount mixes well with the soil and fills in the pits. After this, the pits irrigate. Give this amount of fertilizer to the plants for three years.

How to Create a Supporting System in Dragon Fruit Cultivation:

Long-term yields of 20 to 25 years can obtain from dragon fruit plants. But its plants need support in the field to get ready. Which also costs more. To support the plants, 7 to 8 feet tall pillars of cement prepare. These pillars have to plant in the ground at a depth of two to three feet.

After this, plant more plants around the pillar. When the plant grows up, tie them with the help of these poles, and the branches coming out hung around the pillar. About 1200 pillars have to plant in a one-hectare field.

The months of June and July are the most suitable for transplanting plants. During this, there is a rainy season, which provides a favorable environment for plant growth. Planting can do in irrigated places from February to March also. Around 4000 saplings can plant in one hectare of field.

Dragon Fruit Plants Irrigation |Dragon Fruit Farming:

Dragon fruit plants require little water. Its plants have to water once a week in summer and once in 15 days in winter. Irrigate the plants only when there is no rain in the rainy season. When its plants start flowering, do not water the plants at all, and keep moisture in the field during fruit formation. It gives good quality fruits. The use of the drip method considers best for irrigating plants.

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