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Digital Deepak

1 Who is Digital Deepak?
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Digital Deepak Case Study

Digital Deepak Case Study : Deepak is a passionate digital marketer. (And he is a biker boy too!). Deepak has been in the digital advertising enterprise due to the fact 2008. He writes about digital advertising on his blog. He is additionally a columnist at and YourStory.

His first startup was once an online motorbike e-book known as BikeAdvice, which subsequently grew to become the No.1 motorbike weblog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ web page views per month. He had an exit from BikeAdvice in 2012. After that, he labored as a digital advertising supervisor in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. He additionally writes, speaks, and consults on digital marketing. is now ranked as one of the pinnacle 10 digital advertising blogs in India and it has grown to be a time-honored brand. It started out as a private weblog the place he used to write notes on digital advertising for his future reference. He has additionally launched a free digital advertising path to assist human beings to examine digital marketing.

Who is Digital Deepak?

Friends, Digital Deepak‘s actual identity is Deepak Kanakaraju. He is a well-known Digital Marketer. Deepak is a digital advertising and marketing consultant, speaker, and author. He writes blogs about digital advertising at his internet site and heads digital advertising at Deepak Kanakaraju Bio has in the past labored in widespread B2B and B2C startups such as Exotel, Practo & Instamojo. Digital Deepak is among the pinnacle 10 digital entrepreneurs in India and he has extra than 10 years of the ride in Digital Marketing.


History Of Digital Deepak:

Not all and sundry can sketch their future and pressure their lives as they choose to. We sketch something however lifestyles have something else for us. He bought into the discipline of digital advertising via accident. It used to be now not planned. However, he is comfortable with the place he has reached. There are positive forces that channeled his strength and introduced him here.

He joined the university in 2004. He knew that laptop science and coding have been now not his cups of tea. His dad has a small building enterprise in his place of origin Salem. So he thought, he might want to be part of his enterprise if he couldn’t get a job. So he opted for Civil Engineering. He was once additionally fascinated a little bit in the place of residence development due to the fact he used to go to his dad’s projects. He cherished sure engineering topics such as Fluid Mechanics and Engineering mechanics.

In 2007, He obtained a job provided for Rs. 2.75 Lakhs per 12 months ($4000 a year!) from an organization known as Caritor. At that time, the demand in the IT area used to be so excessive that agencies have been hiring college students from Civil, Mechanical, and even Chemical engineering disciplines.

He graduated from university in 2008, however, the recession in the US was once at its peak. That delayed the becoming a member of dates for the college students by using 1-2 years. He completed college, had no job, had to wait for 12 months to get become a member of the date and his dad’s enterprise wasn’t huge adequate for him to have interaction himself full time. All that empty house and time had to create something out of it.

Kanakaraju was once an everyday reader of Chip and Digit magazines at that time. He got here throughout an article that talked about how one can earn income from running a blog and AdSense. He bought inspired. If He ought to earn some cash from domestic then it would be nice. He wants no longer rely on his dad for pocket money.

The first endeavor was once opening a weblog at and opening an AdSense record to district advert blocks on the blog.

He made a faker weblog and put the advert codes in it (around then AdSense bills had been allowed for one and all who applied). At last, He understood that one craved many site guests to procure pay from promotions. What’s more, to get a ton of traffic, one cravings to have top-notch content. He furthermore understood that it is ceaselessly better to have your own special region so you can deal with the brand.

Deepak used to be very fascinated by bikes at that time. He used to spend hours analyzing bike magazines and staring at movies online. He determined that there was once no internet site in India devoted to bikes and reviewing Indian bike models. That was once the time when the concept struck him: He ought to begin a weblog about motorcycles. He used to be stimulated via So He commenced That’s how his first commercial enterprise was once born.


What is Digital Deepak?

Digital Deepak is by way of Deepak Kanakaraju. Kanakaraju landed into digital advertising and marketing by using fluke. Deepak had without a doubt commenced a weblog on bikes when running a blog was once a new thing. He bought seen simply due to the fact of interest and his dedication to documenting his love for bikes. He was once invited to conferences overseas, all paid journeys to occasions hosted by way of the world’s main bike manufacturer.

How Does This Join With Digital Marketing?

When Deepak Kanakaraju understood the energy a small weblog had. He started out attempting to determine why it worked. This used to be the cause for defying all odds and testing, learning, and enforcing digital advertising and marketing strategies.

Let’s discuss DDIP:

It’s a direction to get you began with Digital marketing. You research all about the variety of aspects of advertising online. You examine SEO, the price of content, how to set up income or lead-era funnels, and how to set up yourself as a digital marketer, mentor, or expert ( based totally on the dreams of your life).

Digital Deepak Internship Application:

Digital Deepak internship software is a 12-week internship in digital marketing. The digital Deepak internship application is for those who desire to examine digital advertising to market their offerings or merchandise or for beginning their profession as a digital marketer.

How is Digital Deepak Internship Program Different:

When you search Google you will locate heaps of internship applications for digital marketing. And as we communicate they are growing.

What is extraordinary is that you get to research a holistic method of digital marketing.

And, you get paid to learn. Let’s speak about this a bit more. When you signal up for the application you pay expenses upfront. Then you begin the path which is in modern times damaged up into 12 Modules. Each module has a cashback. Cashbacks range from 501 RS to a thousand RS. So you get paid and returned what you invested. Not entirely, however, you do get again a predominant chunk. But, if you don’t entire a task inside the deadline, you make zero Rs.

So what makes DIGITALdeepak unique is the incentive. If cash motivates you. You will get it done. , If motivation motivates you, you have a team of group participants to guide and egg you on. , So sure there is a doable to earn most of your cashback.

Digital Deepak Internship Course Structure:

The path is divided into 12 modules. Each module varies in the challenge stage and you get special money backs for distinctive modules. You are anticipated to post an undertaking at the quit of the module inside the stipulated time frame. Let me inform you upfront that some of the assignments are now not convenient to complete. They take a lot of persistence learning, tough work and most importantly you want to get out of your alleviation zone.


From what I have checked online kind batches have special payments. For the batch, I joined the price was once around 20000. From what I saw online, the charge or prices looks to be increasing.


You get a certificate at the top of the internship. There is a trap though. Since batch eight they have added a machine the place you need to write a test. This qualifies you for the certificate. It’s an MCQ or more than one desired question test. The pinnacle one hundred get hold of a money prize. Hence you get a greater return than you pay.

owner of DDIP

Digital Deepak Internship Review:

This internship is aimed at giving a wide overview of digital marketing. You study the ins and outs of advertising online. Your form of recognizing what it takes to be a Digital Marketer. If you want to study digital advertising in-depth you want to examine these components by way of imposing them yourself.

So if you are questioning taking the path and simply displaying yourself as a marketer you can. What would genuinely assist you would be to put into effect what is taught? Unless you enforce it won’t work for you. You want to spend a lot of time grasping and enforcing what is taught.

Since exceptional kinds of human beings are on the crew you can analyze from every other. Some of the college students are professionals, some freshers, and some searching to begin their profession in digital marketing. It’s a combo that is each useful and counterproductive at times. Experienced enterprise proprietors and gurus can recognize income ideas very well. Students or techies recognize how to iron out technical glitches.

At the factor when you see all of us the way in an increase of you, encountering beaten and incompetent is domestically grown. To take gain of this course, sign up for the message bunch. Get clarification on urgent troubles and maintain asking till you get it. There are 60 days to distribute a task. Try no longer to sit down tight for the 60 the day as the duties take work. On the off danger that you as of now are a Digital advertiser, you would probably discover it beneficial to impervious several ideas.

For a pupil, it may be challenging however you may be extra enthusiastic in making an attempt at something new. All in all, it is a first-rate Internship the place you get to do stuff and live in the idea of a digital marketer. You get to market yourself, your commercial enterprise, or your purchasers or attain out for jobs the usage of the strength of digital marketing.

Is Digital Deepak Internship Program Well Worth It?

This is a difficult query and I will attempt to reply to it the nice way possible. You will study an overview of digital marketing. In your research about content material writing, you will research a bit about Facebook and Facebook advertisements about Google ads. So essentially you will analyze all that a digital marketer I give up doing in his or her career.

The Problem:

Disclaimer This is my opinion and what I determined about the course. In my opinion, if you suppose that this is the reason which will set you in a digital advertising profession then it is not. Yes, you will research a lot about the special elements of digital advertising however you will be the jack of all trades and the grasp of none.

For a novice, it would be very confusing. What I observed is that the specific fashions are no longer laid out properly. The route ought to use some assistance from an academic designer. Basically you between a module and in that module they will be one very very very lengthy video.

As I stated the route ought to have been structured well. So if you are taking the path wondering that you will get your complete cash lower back assume twice. Yes, you may get some cash back. To get the relaxation of the cash again you want to work sincerely hard. Also, you will by no means get a hundred percent back.

There is a certificate at the give-up of the direction and they say that you get a huge quantity if you make it to the pinnacle of one hundred If you make it to the pinnacle of a hundred you may get the full quantity back. I discovered that the examination was no longer very good, it had spelling mistakes.

The inquiries have been presently not phenomenally arranged. Likewise, I am of the assessment that a portion of the arrangements had been off-base. Indeed you might find that my outline is of dislike it stores various studies your find on the web. This is totally my viewpoint and how I decided the course to be organized.

If you are nonetheless good enough with it then go in advance and take a sneak peek, the hyperlink has to be someplace on this page. One ultimate element if you’re anticipating that Deepak would be handing over the path then it is now not true. I consider for the first few batches the publications have been staying and the Deepak used to be dealing with these batches.

Some Interesting Facts:

Deepak is a bike lover & he created a weblog on bikes. And after, he bought this weblog (25000 $). He is a motivational speaker also. Deepak Kanakaraju is additionally a section of Facebook Blood Donors. He does drink alcohol at some parties. He doesn’t smoke. Deepak is additionally the co-founder of, a device to gather electronic mail IDs of traffic through the use of an interactive chat module.

Deepak Kanakaraju Books:

Blog Rockstars, How to Get Your Dream Digital Marketing Job,7 Steps to Publishing, Edge of Sanity, Product Launch Success Blueprint, Content Marketing for Startups.



Digital Deepak awarded by using as one of the pinnacle 10 digital entrepreneurs in India. He is additionally a TEDx speaker. He runs the world’s greatest Digital Marketing crew on Facebook known as Learn Digital Marketing.

Career & Struggles:

Early Life:

Digital Deepak used to be born in Salem, Tamil Nadu in a middle-class family.

In 2004, Deepak Kanakaraju joined university and he received that he may want to be higher in Civil Engineering due to the fact his father has a small development business enterprise in his hometown.
So, he thought. He ought to be a part of his commercial enterprise after finishing his studies.


In 2007, Deepak received a job provided by an agency referred to as Caritor for Rs. 2.75 Lakhs per year.

At the equal moment, the demand from the IT enterprise was once so large that businesses were appointing college students from the Chemical, Civil, and Mechanical engineering areas, however, didn’t get a becoming a member of the letter for a lengthy time. Instead of getting disappoint, he started out blogging.

Growing Period:

In 2008, His profession with BikeAdvice had been his first weblog on motorbike publication.

He has come to be the no. 1 weblog in India simply as some different country and his weblog had obtained extra than 1,00,000 followers and thousands and thousands of views on his motorbike blogs.

After that, He determined to stop from bike adviser after three years finally, he offered his weblog for about Rs 12.5 lakh in 2012. In 2012, He started out in Digital Marketing and it grew to be his 2d hobby.

Digital Deepak commenced his startup as an India digital advertising and marketing guru with Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, Razorpay, and with different companies.

He started out any other blog, the place he posted solely three to 4 blogs per month, however, these had been ample to entice greater than 30,000 subscribers over two & half years.

In 2012, Deepak Kanakaraju additionally launched his books on digital advertising and marketing and he organizes his workshop for introducing digital advertising well.

Days of Happiness:

In 2016, he brought his first online course. The income from his facet commercial enterprise had been greater than the profits from his full-time job and at the identical time his shut buddy Sanjay Shenoy, digital marketer of Thrillophilia, additionally left his job to be part of Digital Deepak as a co-founder.
Deepak Kanakaraju educates greater than 4,000 college students online and earned over Rs 1.5 crore+ in income from his digital advertising enterprise closing year.

Income Sources:

Digital Deepak has many earnings sources. Some are given below;

  • YouTube
  • Affiliate Programmes
  • His Digital Marketing Agency Pixel Track
  • Online Courses
  • Events, etc.

Net Worth:

Digital Deepak continually says about his internet is well worth that his internet well worth is his community like- electronic mail list, subscribers, etc.

Interviews & Events :

Deepak Kanakaraju’s featured with TEDx and with different famous YouTube channels Amit Mishra (Tryootech), TEDx Talks, Reseller Club, and additionally provide interviews for newspapers. He additionally seems in pinnacle digital advertising speak shows.

Learning Time:

  • Never wait for the proper time,
  • start matters now. ,
  • Be consistence. ,
  • Build a precise network. ,
  • Follow your ardor & sharpen your skill.


Digital Deepak is a digital advertising consultant, speaker, and author. He has greater than 10 years of the trip in Digital Marketing. In 2008, He began his profession with Bike Advice after three years he bought his weblog for about Rs 12.5 lakh in 2012.

He started Digital Marketing in 2012. Deepak commenced his startup with Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay and with different companies.

He additionally blogs about digital advertising and marketing on his internet site named In 2012 Deepak Kanakaraju launched his first e-book on digital marketing.

In 2016, He added his first online route and he earns 1.5 crores in online courses. Every 12 months he launches new publications about digital advertising and as quickly as feasible he additionally publishes his new books.

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