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Khetigaadi Case Study
Khetigaadi Case Study

Khetigaadi Case Study : India is one of the pinnacle countries, exactly second, global in farm outputs. The agriculture region employs 50% of the Indian work pressure and contributes 17-18% to the country’s GDP. A giant area of our populace relies upon agriculture, mainly our farmers. And the kingdom of farmers in our united states is worrisome. Floods, droughts, low profits, and unavailability of economic sources lead them to a debt entice.

And subsequently, farmers, their households, and the agriculture enterprise as a whole suffer. There are Government insurance policies and non-government companies assisting farmers in many ways. But still, there is a lot greater than wish to do. And a startup that realized these troubles. And it has come ahead to similarly improve the agricultural region via mechanization is . is the world’s first vacation spot for tractors and farm mechanization. The platform is a market for buying, promoting, and renting agricultural gear. And additionally affords know-how primarily based on advice to the farmers, and insurance plans and mortgage help on agricultural equipment. Pravin Shinde, the founder of Khetigaadi, put his coronary heart and soul into this startup. And his trip to success is commendable.

About Khetigaadi and How it Works:

Khetigaadi is the world’s first vacation spot the place one can buy, sell, rent, evaluate and assess tractors and farm mechanization, all with an easy click. It has installed to inspire farm mechanization and utilization of technological know-how and hi-tech merchandise in agriculture to optimize yield in much fewer man-hours.

It is no longer just an online market vicinity to supply agricultural implements, however, is additionally an information primarily based advisory platform for the farming neighborhood and offers insurance plans and mortgage help on quite some agricultural equipment.

Built on high-tech angular technology, the Khetigaadi portal is as protected as an online banking portal. To make the platform consumer-pleasant for the farmers, Khetigaadi has made it handy as an App in 10 languages and the company’s internet site can see in three exceptional languages, English, Hindi, and Marathi. The thinking is techno-savvy and well suited to IOS as properly as Android.

KhetiGaadi has additionally developed its line of soil vitamin dietary supplements and different herbal merchandise that can assist plants to develop better, which it recommends to farmers struggling with any issues. The startup claims that the merchandise — some of which use nanotechnology — took six months of rigorous lookup and improvement to take shape. Vishnu says the two founders have been both in my opinion concerned in their making.

The farm tools advisory service, which is free, frequently interprets into income for the startup because they’re without difficulty reachable on the platform itself and farmers don’t have to go out searching for them.

Since April 2, when it was once launched, almost 3,000 farmers have availed KhetiGuru’s services, says Vishnu. The co-founders are now targeted at taking the product to agricultural states such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat.

From Zero To 1 :

A great deal of Khetigaadi‘s prosperity can credit to the two organizers’ own experiences. Both Vishnu and Pravin hail from rancher families in Maharashtra and had seen their folks work their days away.

For Vishnu, this imparted in him, from an exceptionally youthful age, the craving to make something of his own, all alone. And he was an enterprising youngster in any event when he was growing up. At seven years old, he landed his most memorable position shelling peanuts for a rancher who paid him 50 paise for each kilogram. Which allowed him to purchase tidbits and chocolate without relying upon his folks who had previously been buckling down.

At around 13, Vishnu worked at an assembling unit making steel rings, paying for his educational cost and school. And afterward, at the videocassette library at 16 years old, which paid for his advanced degree. After school, he spent almost 20 years in the advertising and corporate correspondence industry.

Parallelly, Pravin, who hails from a rancher family in Maharashtra’s Satara region, sought after a four-year college education in horticultural science, and later, went through over 10 years working at his sibling’s agrochemicals and manures firm — a spell that brought him near a great many ranchers in one of India’s driving agrarian locale.

It was in late 2015 when the pair met at a shared colleague’s wedding and turned out to be dear companions. Then, at that point, they chose to get back to fabricate something of their own for India’s towns at around a similar time.

KhetiGaadi saw 50,000 ranchers join on the stage in no less than a year, and that number has just expanded. In a 2020 , the co-founders guaranteed there were around 4,000,000 ranchers on the stage.

In two years, this has ascended to 5,000,000. Its gross product volume (GMV) of Rs 50 crore in 2020 rose to Rs 1,500 crore in FY 2021-2022. Furthermore, the all-out GMV throughout recent years has been around Rs 2,000 crore, says the prime supporter. This is simply expected to rise.

An Enormous Addressable Market:

India is an enormous farming business sector — the country’s greatest products being agri-based — and there’s a monstrous market and a potential open door for development in the area. As indicated by an EY report, the Indian agri-tech market potential by 2025 suppose to be around $24 billion, and just a single percent has caught up to this point.

New businesses like Ninjacart, Origo, DeHaat, CropIn, and VilCart, among more than 1000 or more that work in the space, have affected lakhs of ranchers by offering types of assistance including supporting, operations, cultivating warning, and market linkages (web-based business stage, ranch hardware and vehicle rental administrations, and so forth), among others.

At its center, KhetiGaadi interfaces ranchers, farm truck producers, project workers, vendors, representatives, administration stations, and horticultural specialists. It likewise fills in as a stage that coordinates ranchers with agri-moneylenders and homestead protection suppliers.

Be that as it may, the startup’s essential goal is to work on ranchers’ admittance to present-day hardware and make purchasing, selling, and leasing bot bother-freed straightforward. It additionally teaches and enables the cultivation of local areas in the right direction on present-day rural practices.

“India used to be an insightfully created farming country — we used to utilize all-normal things to treat nature. It was slow yet consistently feasible. Western rural practices have annihilated India’s farmlands and assuming that things proceed with how they are, in the following 45-50 years, we will not have the option to develop anything.”

“We need to change ranchers’ opinion on issues connected with their yields. Rather than unloading an ever-increasing number of synthetics into the dirt, we need to give logical direction from dependable sources, for example, agronomists on the most ideal way to move toward these issues,” he closes down.

According to Vishnu
khetigaadi founders

How Was Once Khetigaadi Started :

Pravin being from a farmer’s household was once properly conscious of the problems the farmer faced. And it was once inclined to do something for the enhancement of the popularity of the farmers. Khetigaadi once began with an imaginative and prescient to carry about and facilitate an effective exchange in the way farming is undertaken in India and to convey India at par with the developed international locations in phrases of farm mechanization.

Farmers, their challenges ,the villages, techno-innovation in bringing about a fantastic alternative in the agricultural region – all of this is very shut to his heart. Through Khetigaadi he seeks to attain out to a range of farmers in each nook and nook of India with the assistance of technology.

Startup Launch – Khetigaadi :

When Khetigaadi began off, the group did no longer even have all the statistics required to train and persuade the farmers, on one platform. It wasn’t reachable online nor have been there any offline sources the place they ought to collate it from. They reached out to a variety of agriculture-based lookup facilities and from time to time even bought the much-need facts and reports. This workout took nearly a yr place they compiled all the facts and research that will assist enlighten the farmers and persuade them about the want for mechanization.

Mr. Pravin Shinde’s brother additionally got here in and helped a lot with the commercial enterprise activities. They constructed the internet site in-house without any expert help. They subsequently constructed the internet site to what it appears today, thru trial and error and more than one hurdle. It is a success nonetheless!

Khetigaadi launched the portal in May 2016 from its Pune office. They confronted some backlash when they received started. But Khetigaadi group reached out to the farmers undeterred. Exhibitions, One-ones, periods, and social media handles have helped them immensely in their attention campaign.

Moving further, Khetigaadi commercially launched itself in 2018 for producers and distributors of tractors and farm equipment. Renowned tractor producer John Deere used to be the first client on the platform.

Khetigaadi‘s Income Model Works On :

Khetigaadi serves as an Advertising and Marketing platform for all manufacturers, and dealers. Its income mannequin works on-

  • Display Advertising
  • Inquiry Selling
  • Transaction base
  • Google Adsense
  • Product Promotion
  • Dealer Promotion
  • Reach Media , etc.

User Acquisitions Of Khetigaadi :

The group of Khetigaadi traveled village to village to speak to farmers. Beginning with Nashik in Maharashtra and Jalandhar in Punjab, they met farmers one-by-one and defined the notion of Khetigaadi. After preliminary hiccups and disbelief, the farmers have satisfied with Khetigaadi. These are the two cities the place they received their first 15-20 clients.

Pravin and Vishnu additionally spent nearly 12 months in one-of-a-kind initiatives like exhibitions, seminars, one-one discussions, and workshops; to share records and enlighten farmers on how exceptional can they optimize yield via mechanization. Social media systems like WhatsApp and Facebook helped them take their focus marketing campaign to every other stage and helped them attain the grass root levels. With all of these, Khetigaadi managed to deliver a good-sized farmer neighborhood on their platform.

What Made Begin Khetigaadi As a Startup?

Being a farmer’s son, I’ve witnessed the hardships confronted in the agricultural neighborhood closely. Khetigaadi‘s basic purpose is to tackle one of the primary challenges of our country. Our farmers and the farming neighborhood are sizeable contributors to the ecosystem but are the most overlooked ones. Our core targets are to teach them a proper understanding of farm mechanization, to motivate them to set up it and optimize yield, and of the path to empower them with cutting-edge farming technology. We are already witnessing a tremendous distinction with our initiatives amongst the farming community.

Startup Challenges:

Khetigaadi faced many challenges along its way. Starting, was once a conversation of a techno-driven initiative to the uneducated farmer community. However, the group obtained fantastic responses from the farmers.

khetigaddi tractor

Khetigaadi’s Competitors :

Some of the opponents of Khetigaadi that have currently entered the Indian market are Tractor Gyan and Tractor Guru. Khetigaadi however, exactly stands out from the opponents as they don’t simply provide buying, promoting, and renting of farm gear but additionally information to improve the farmer’s self-belief in decision-making. There are comparable structures in phrases of thought however the variety of technology, statistics, and know-how they offer; is 2nd to none.

Advisors and Mentors Of Khetigaadi :

Mr. Pravin Shinde’s household and pals have supplied rock-solid guides in every initiative that he has taken up. The crew is additionally searching ahead to onboard skilled mentors for guiding them to take up the market, which is an increasing number turning into competitive.

Future Plans Of Khetigaadi :

Khetigaadi these days carried out an extensive milestone with the aid of registering 30 lakh farming communities on the Khetigaadi platform. They additionally have on board eight reputed tractor manufacturers as clients.

Going ahead their ambition is to furnish one single platform for tractor and farm gear manufacturers the place they can promote and carrier their merchandise alongside supporting them in commercial enterprise development. Khetigaadi‘s mission is to join 10 Million farmers with mechanized methods of farming. In the close to future, Khetigaadi will additionally introduce AI-based total products.

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