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Bada Business Case Study

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Bada Business Case Study

Bada Business Case Study : Vivek Bindra was born in Lucknow. Vivek Bindra‘s childhood life was very difficult. Vivek Bindra‘s father died when he was only 3 years old. He could not stay with his mother as a child due to some family problems. His childhood spends only with his uncle and his grandfather. Due to many difficulties, he changed schools and finally moved to Delhi.

Vivek Bindra As a Student And As A Sport Man :

He was very interested in sports from his childhood. And from there get the motivation to bounce back. Where winning from a losing match in badminton, was very much compared to life.

In athletes, he was the national runner. He used to do a little boxing. The motivation to bounce back was the ability to handle the depression time in the game.

As a student, he liked some subjects and did not like some subjects. Mathematics was his favorite subject. Business studies mean Economics was the highest in his school.

Vivek’s Attraction Towards Business Since Childhood :

From Bada Business Case Study we know that There was a lot of attraction towards business since childhood .He started many part-time businesses as a child. He started home tuition work by putting up posters in his colony. From where some income would come.

He thought he would confine to one place if he took tuition alone so he started teaching with other teachers. Mean Education with Entrepreneurship.

While in college, he used to sell the dictionary in a bag in the afternoon. From where Rs 25-30 per dictionary money would collect.

When vivek was 16-18 years old at the time, He needed a lot of money then. So he thought it would cost a lot of money to open a tuition center. So he started home tuition with other teachers. Where a boy took a call and then a teacher would go, and he would get a commission from these two people.

Vivek Bindra Admits To University Of London B-School :

From Bada Business Case Study we know that Vivek Bindra admits to the University of London Business School. But he could not go there to study because of the high cost. Because he could not raise money. And could not take a loan from the bank. Because the bank gives loans with security, then Vivek Bindra did not have the facility to take a loan from the bank.

He felt that he could not go to London, not only for him but for the whole of India. Because we have a lot of people in India who can’t study due to lack of money.

Vivek Bindra Became A Monk :

This feeling took a long time behind him. And this is the feeling he made his life’s mission. He thought that if he had not been a sports person, he would not have been able to move forward with this grief.

Vivek Bindra finished his studies and became a monk. Because he did not have a mother, father, brother, or sister, he devoted his life to the service of God.

Vivek Bindra‘s Life As A Monk :

He has been a monk for four years. and then he used to beg, study scriptures, and serve negative youngsters. By doing those he gets numerous peace and a variety of motivation. There are many moments in the Bhagavad Gita wherein Arjuna was in many melancholy however Lord Krishna stated loads to handle that depression.

He said that how can a hopeless end made endless hope. He also said that a breakdown can be a breakthrough.

Try not to cry.

Guru’s Advice To Vivek Bindra :

One day his guru told him that he could do many things if he left the worldly life. As a monk, his limitations will remain. He took it as training to be his monk. His guru told him never to let go of Bhagavad Gita‘s hand.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna told that Remember Me before you do anything .

A Monk To Be A Business Consultant And A Business Man :

From Bada Business Case Study we know that He started giving college lectures on Bhagavad Gita in 2006. And in 2013 he started the business model with YouTube.

Beginning As A Entrepreneur :

” As a startup, you need manpower and money”. So he started hiring in the beginning. But those who came to give interviews saw small offices and empty offices and left without asking for a salary. So he then targeted the freshers for navigating with the experienced man. So he first hired 20-25 freshers. And he showed them and took the experienced man with him. And it was planned for one year.

Bada Business Case Study Say There Was Many Initial Problems :

Bathroom Problem :

The office took much smaller to save costs. And employees had to use public washrooms as washrooms. He would often tell the employees when to go to the washroom and before that he would go and clean the washroom himself. He thought that if the employee left him today for the dirty washroom, his dream would not come true.

His dream was to bring change to the country by creating a business mindset to reach out to the poor in India if the world’s top 5 MBA University content reached for free.

Water Problem :

Once the water pipe in a public washroom leaked, he went to the roof and by a bucket, he filled the tank with water from one tank to another as employees went to the washroom. He did not spend on himself. He used to spend on employees to fulfill his dream. So that they do not leave.

According To Bada Business Case Study Vivek Bindra Sell His House :

From Bada Business Case Study we know that In 2016, he had got 6 large Projects. So he applied 100 personnel. However, the purchaser despatched on 23 June 2017 and asked to shut all of the assignments. But the pay date of the workers became seventh of each month. So he advertised his house in 7 days and paid the pay rates of all of the paintings force. And for the long term, nobody knew across the deal of this house.

“Never Be Late In Paying The Employee”

But when they found out, the employees started leaving the company. In the end, there were only a few employees.

From there he changed the turnover of the company in 3 to 5 months and bounced back from the power of the Bhagavad Gita. And Bada Business company has a target of 300% growth every year.

Bada Business Case Study

Bada Business :

In Hindi, “bada” indicates sizeable. And for Bada Business, that is precisely their important intention: to assist with peopling in India. And increase their organization into a huge enterprise.

Who Is Dr. Vivek Bindra ?

Set up through Dr. Vivek Bindra, Asia’s expert enterprise mentor, and prestigious persuasive orator. Bada Business gives open business task making ready. “We are attempting to touch the large numbers of Micro, Small, and Medium firms (MSMEs). The kingdom over, and grant them with units and procedures. Which generally are not to be had to them,” says Dr. Vivek Bindra, Founder, and CEO of

Bada Business’s Actual Work :

Bada Business Case Study say that Bada Business enterprise offers enterprise. Getting ready training to Indian MSME proprietors, businessmen, and wantrepreneurs in neighborhood dialects. Customary corporations are lacking out on probably customers and markets. In light of a lack of technological know-how, which predicts to live critical in this computerized duration.

As a count of truth, several SMB and MSME commercial enterprise visionaries want to upskill themselves. To have the choice to ride this computerized wave. Seeing the absence of admittance. To enterprising education predicted to boom current corporations, maybe beginning any other one.

“In India, there are around 40 crore enterprise people that want enterprise training,” he says.

How Does Bada Business Help Personal Ventures And MSME Business People?

Vivek Bindra (VB): The manner into the rising financial bend of any nation is a good entrepreneurial ecosystem. Enterprise visionaries make new businesses, add esteem, and create occupations. They achieve multiplier results for the economic system. Additionally, that is the factor Bada business wishes to perform throughout its administration.

The intention is to have interaction between men and women business visionaries. And independent organizations increase by giving them gadgets. And critical questioning assists biological devices.

The association has made an optionally available enterprise the board schooling version. Especially for the big quantity of folks that cannot get to or manipulate the price of formal MBA packages.

Our enterprise education courses & modules enhance. The modern-day skills of youthful authorities and entrepreneurs. And help them layout or develop their businesses.

How Does Bada Business Separate Itself From Different Administration Courses?

Bada Business enterprise gives progressive guides thru industry pioneers. We don’t have faith in giving hypothetical statistics; to empower commercial enterprise visionaries. And hopeful cash managers with authentic enterprise studies. We provide them with contextual analyses endorsed by way of industry pioneers.

Many Indian B-school guides don’t zero in on contextual analyses. In comparison to Harvard and Stanford colleges. It’s far disheartening to see that we display enterprise executives to understudies to land them the right function. There’s slightly whatever for existing and attempting business people.

We mean to attend to 50 problem spots of little and medium companies. And we have with a wide stretch represented them as getting the idea undertakings. Being (becoming) an expert with special knowledge in persons getting support or goods. Keeping in all chance persons coming for getting goods or work done. Keeping a safe workforce over a given square unit, physical to automatic middle-sized execution. Methods of building endless value clients and the sky are the limit from there.

The guides gave in vernacular dialects to empower people, the whole thing being identical, to devour content.

But Bada business is best, we have 75 department places of work throughout each air terminal city in India. And completed 75,000 enrolments quickly. we’ve got finished a YOY improvement of 200% in profits.

Bada Business APP

Utilize Of Pandemic By Bada Business :

From Bada Business Case Study we know that In COVID-19, whilst the sector stopped computerizing as a nice manner to push ahead, between April and June. Bada Business enterprise correctly set seven Guinness global bests for largest net-based enterprise getting to know conferences. And turned into the essential Asian employer to do this accomplishment.

With the pandemic speeding up the improvement of tech, Bada Business enterprise is developing 30% month on month in view that March. We’ve got likewise efficaciously made 2,500 unbiased Independent Business Consultants (IBCs) in below a year.

Bada business offers huge expertise of the one of a kind commercial enterprise strategies. And Frameworks, to assist Indian SME‘s to Do big business or emerge as Bada business.

Bada Business permits the consumer to learn ‘the entirety approximately Entrepreneurship‘. That’s the arena’s maximum low-cost Entrepreneurship software.

With Bada business, we attempt to Make Entrepreneurship. And control training is available, reachable, and low cost to every person.

A priest grew to become an enterprise visionary. He grants an Honorary Ph.D. Certification, physician of Philosophy. He is a confided in recommend to round 1,500 corporates and continues to transport the first-rate many individuals the kingdom over.

He has been instrumental in giving CEO education to up and over a hundred CEOs in the country.

Dr. Bindra has composed 10 high powerful persuasive books. He offers enterprise illustrations and preparation through his opinions. And discusses how a person can remodel his strength into a commercial enterprise.

He has additionally acquired the esteemed Golden Book of Records for education. The greatest gathering of HR Professionals for the event- ‘Can HR Become a CEO?’ Along with that. He has additionally identified as one of the ‘21 Technopreneurs to watch out for in 2021’, through Digital First Magazine.

Guinness World Records :

1st — World’s largest online business lesson (April 24, 2020)

2nd — World’s largest online sales lesson (May 31, 2020)

3rd– World’s largest online lesson on strategy management (June 27, 2020)

4th– World’s largest online event on ‘How to Start up’ (Aug 15, 2020)

5th– World’s largest online lesson on retail management (Sept 27, 2020)

6th– World’s largest online event on leadership lessons (June 20, 2021)

7th– World`s largest online event on 40 Low-cost Marketing Ideas (August 15, 2021)

YouTube Channel Of Dr. Vivek Bindra :

From Bada Business Case Study we know that Dr. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel is the world’s No. 1 most Subscribed YouTube Channel on Entrepreneurship and management improvement. 1.9 Crore plus supporters the world over and above 10 million-plus global crowds, with 120 million plus substance sees each month. Which is turning into 15-20K each day.

He is Popular to known for developing a free mastering university on YouTube.

Bada Business Is As a Business Enterprise Train :

He perceives as the 100 digital Influencers by way of India’s greatest. And the most authoritative degree for new companies and enterprise human beings-related testimonies. Supplied with the Honorary name of ‘studies company of corporate Asia’ by global leadership Federation, Dubai.


Biggest Management Coach In Asia :

Granted the satisfactory management coach in Asia was once recognized by Marshall Goldsmith at the area HRD Congress. He granted with India’s finest manufacturers and Leaders – pride of the nation Award in a proper capability facilitated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Granted the first-rate corporate trainer in India by Maruti Suzuki for 2 Consecutive Years.

Holds a spot within the Esteemed Golden ebook of statistics for schooling. The most important accumulating of HR experts below one Roof on – Can HR grow to be a CEO?

As consistent with Bindra, of the 130 million MSMEs in India. Three million, or 5%, approach the capital, apparatuses, and foundation they need to increase their business. It should be a piece of the affiliation’s machine to fulfill individuals.

Where they’re, providing extraordinary studying preparations in mild of the particular phase in their enterprise. “we are helping the whole chain, from miniature, little, to medium endeavors.

Who is starting an enterprise interestingly, as ‘wantrepreneurs and ‘solopreneurs, to people? Who wants to type out ‘how would I remove the obstructions to development for my business?”

Uncommon Demanding Situations :

Beginning a physical enterprise is testing enough, do not bother at some point of an international pandemic. “Our intention changed into to assist people with learning, and we prepared some publications for them,” says Bindra. “but, we suddenly understood many people failed to own the capacity to buy our courses.”

Free Business Seminar By Bada Business :

Setting motive over blessings. Bada Business enterprise provided a free business seminar on an open level thru their flexible utility. “I lately said, people are battling, they’re tracking down it troublesome, we have to strive it. there is no need to focus on how we will deliver in coins,” says Bindra.

To make matters exciting, Bada business additionally chose to enterprise breaking a Guinness world record for the “largest online enterprise Lesson.” but like pretty a chunk of 2020, matters did not pass as anticipated. The second one the program went to stay, the application crashed from the overpowering hobby.

Bada Business Case Study || BREAKING Records WITH BRIGHTCOVE :

Rather than surrendering and frustrating folks that had been at that factor wanting some motivation. The Bada Business institution went proper into its mode and connected with Brightcove for help.

“This is the factor which gave our lifestyles emotionally supportive network from Brightcove. The Brightcove tech group and our Chief Executive Officer straight away deliberate. And taken care of out a high-quality technique stay,” says Bindra.

Build A Guinness World Record :

At 12:04 pm that identical day, simply over 3 hours from when the app crashed. Learn at Home was once again up and jogging on a newly constructed video platform, powered through Brightcove. Bada Business completed its purpose. And set a new Guinness World Record for the greatest online enterprise lesson involving 18,693 concurrent viewers. Bada Business additionally grew to be the first Asian corporation to preserve an online Guinness World Record.

Yet, Bada Business enterprise did not forestall there. The brand new document lighted a more profound yearning to try to make again the initial investment more. The next international report became set. When regarded its biggest online sales Lesson with 95,087 simultaneous individuals for 1/2 hour.

Brightcove’s Analysis Of Bada Business :

As in step with stay examination information stuck by Brightcove’s foundation. achieved top visitors. It’s over 2.3 million absolute videos that see over 1.3 million unique watchers and 345,000 top simultaneous clients.‘s real-time events display the manner. That video can provide instructive substance. Even as likewise being possibly the only manner to unite individuals. Brightcove satisfies to cooperate with Bada Business. On their important intention to bring training to the robust MSME humans organization. And to guarantee our innovation by no means holds up visitors from envisioning what is manageable.

Dr. Bindra is an eminent international inspirational orator and initiative mentor. He has around 1,500 customers unfold throughout 25 international locations. He is making development toward enticing Indian companies. By sharing administration preparations removed from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Effect Of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta On Vivek Bindra’s Life :

For the duration of his MBA, he was familiar with Shrimad Bhagavad Gita via his coaches and otherworldly teachers. He calls it a defining moment in his life. And he selected to go into the training business. Where he involves the standards of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in his coaching packages. Like getting better, leadership Funnel, and whatnot.

He began his corporation the worldwide ACT (Academy of Consulting and Training) in 2012. He renamed it the Bada business Pvt. limited in April 2019.


Vivek Bindra On YouTube And Facebook :

He’s extremely dynamic through digital amusement. He has 7.8 Million devotees on YouTube with a viewership of a couple of crores from many global places of the world. And He has 773k plus supporters on Facebook with a viewership of two crores. He is aware of as the most sold-in and most seen employer mentor and effective orator on YouTube.

He’s credited with being a maximum accompanied and seen business mentor inside the Asian area.

He holds the world document for the schooling of the largest collection of HR specialists below one rooftop. This document archive is inside the Golden ebook of worldwide record and the Limca book of the worldwide document.

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